Associate MFTs – Coldwater Counseling Center – Studio City

Associate MFTs – Coldwater Counseling Center – Studio City


Coldwater Counseling Center employs qualified MFT interns and LCSW Associates as a part of its staff to assume caseloads in ways similar to our licensed therapists. The understanding is that the person joining our staff as an intern/associate plans to continue their commitment to our patients as a member of our staff beyond the time the intern/associate becomes licensed.
Coldwater Counseling Center does not offer the traditional intern program found in many other clinical settings. We do not offer a time-limited program of a year or two in which a trainee or registered intern gains the required supervised hours towards licensure and after this fixed amount of time their commitment to Coldwater Counseling Center ends.
Coldwater Counseling Center is a non profit organization whose primary mission is to provide depth psychotherapy–that which takes into account the reality of an unconscious psyche–to the community at affordable rates. Another part of our mission is to provide education and training in the practice of depth psychotherapy to those on our staff who provide these services. We have certified Jungian analysts and therapists who have completed a significant amount of analytical training on staff that offer not only the supervision required for state licensure, but also supervision that integrates the approaches of depth psychology to clinical practice.
Interns who have had their own analytical work and continue to be in some form or analysis or depth psychotherapy that is acceptable to CCC may qualify for employment at Coldwater Counseling Center. The training part of our mission is designed to offer those who have been in some form of depth psychological process themselves the opportunity to integrate this experience into their ongoing clinical development and training.
Because we offer our services to the community on a sliding scale basis to make them as affordable as possible, employment as an intern/associate does not afford significant financial reward. Those who work for us are augmenting other employment opportunities for the primary purpose of gaining further clinical experience and analytic supervision along with some income.


1. Those employed at Coldwater Counseling Center must be in some form of analysis or depth psychotherapy acceptable to CCC that helps them monitor their own psychological process and their countertransference reactions to patients.

2. Caseloads are dependent on our intake volumes, but most interns carry caseloads from eight to ten patients (individuals and couples). A minimum of 8 client hours per week is required.

3. We pay interns at a rate of $10.50 per hour (minimum wage). During high productive years we offer a bonus based on hours worked to those interns who have maintained the minimum required caseload. Once licensed the intern/therapist is paid a percentage of the fees collected, 55% if using CCC offices and 65% if the now licensed therapist provides the office space. Interns sign a letter of agreement as an employee; licensed therapists sign a letter of agreement as an independent contractor.

4. Supervision is offered to interns by licensed therapists who are also Jungian analysts or therapists who have completed a significant amount of analytical training. Frequency of supervision for interns must follow the requirements of the State of California. Supervision of licensed therapists is worked out on an as need basis.

5. There are no other fees charged interns or licensed therapists.

6. CCC provides office space and voice mail service for interns and those therapists who choose to use these services.

7. Interns and therapists must carry professional liability insurance and add Coldwater Counseling Center on to this policy as an additional insured.

8. Patients referred directly to the intern and not assigned by Coldwater Counseling Center can be seen by the intern at Coldwater Counseling Center. Once the intern is licensed then these patients become private clients of the newly licensed intern.

9. Coldwater Counseling Center provides a mandatory monthly group supervision that meets in the evening on the third Monday of every month for 2 hours, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

10. Intake reports, annual clinic reports, and closing reports are to be submitted in a timely and professional manner and approved by the Clinic Director and/or individual supervisor.

11. We ask for the highest ethical standards of our profession. Therapists are to be committed to serving the patient’s needs for further awareness, growth and development. It is expected that the intern/therapist will be in a consistent process of his/her own self-awareness and development and will examine any countertransference issues that may arise within him/her while working with patients.

Further information about Coldwater Counseling Center can be found by visiting our website at Our website provides basic information found in our brochure, a copy of our most recent semi-annual newsletter, feature articles from past newsletters under the heading of The Symbolic Life Archive, professional policies and procedures, and information about our staff.


Anyone interested in working at Coldwater Counseling Center should send a resume and cover letter to Coldwater Counseling Center by email to, or by standard mail to 20301 Ventura Blvd, Ste 214, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. The cover letter can be from one to two pages and should describe how you became interested in depth psychology, how you came into you own depth process and some of the issues addressed, and how you envision yourself as a practicing therapist in the future.

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