Doctoral Level Psychology Student – Village Counseling and Wellness – Burbank

Doctoral Level Psychology Student – Village Counseling and Wellness – Burbank

Village Counseling and Wellness in Burbank is seeking a doctoral level psychology student to work part-time (16-20 hours) at our group practice.

Village Counseling and Wellness (VCW) is a mental health group practice specializing in
evidence-based treatments (Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment
Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy). We provide services to children, adolescents, and adults
in our outpatient programs, as well as to adults in our intensive outpatient program. We are
incredibly passionate about helping people with mental health issues and their loved ones and are
looking for individuals that can share in our mission.

Employment Description:
Village Counseling and Wellness is currently looking to hire a part-time, psychology doctoral-
level student to assist in a variety of psychological interventions and assessments with our unique
clientele. In particular, the student would have the opportunity to learn our various evidence-
based treatments (DBT, ACT, CBT), including the theoretical model and core interventions
utilized within both group and individual therapy settings. The student may even have the
opportunity to assist in co-running groups in either our Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient
programs, as well as see individual clients.
Additionally, the student will also work closely with our Director of Testing and Assessment to
conduct both abbreviated and full psychological evaluations with our clientele. These
assessments are a key component to many of our outpatient programs as it helps to empower our
clients to learn and better understand their individual strengths and needs, while also directly
informing our treatment planning and intervention strategies. The student will be required to
assist in the administration, scoring, interpreting, and report writing of these assessments, and at
times, may even be asked to do so independently.
Lastly, the student will have the unique opportunity to assist in our Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
therapy. HRV is a type of psychophysiological training that is used to measure symptoms of
tension related disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and many physical disorders, such as
traumatic brain injury or attention deficit disorder. At our clinic, HRV training will be utilized to
also help increase body awareness and mindfulness with our clients to assist in the effectiveness
of their other therapeutic interventions.

 The position is for approximately 16-20 hours per week with Monday being one of the
mandatory days.
o Student must attend weekly team meetings held on Monday from 10:30-12:30pm.
 All applicants must have at least their Master’s Degree and have completed the

o A basic Psychodiagnostic Assessment course within their doctorate program in
which they have practiced administration, scoring, and interpretation of cognitive,
academic, and emotional functioning assessments.
o Familiarity and practice (practical application) with the following testing
 WISC-V/WAIS- IV, Woodcock Johnson/WIAT-III, MMPI-
2/MCMI/MACI, Rorschach, and projective drawings.

All interested applicants should send an updated CV and cover letter to:
Suzette Bray, LMFT:
Jeana Allan, Psy.D.:

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