Trans-generational Trauma following the Armenian Genocide (videos)

Adrine Avetyan-Benlian, LMFT – Welcome


Dr. Shakeh Kaftarian – Opening Remarks


Rita Avedissian introducing Dr. Carla Garabedian


Eyewitness to Genocide: Survivor’s Trauma on Film – Carla Garabedian, Ph.D.


Rita Avedissian discussing trauma and introducing Dr. Shakeh Kaftarian


Complexity of Genocide Trauma Across Generations – Dr. Shakeh Kaftarian


Rita Avedissian introducing Dr. Donald Miller


A Comparative Analysis of Post Trauma – Dr. Donald Miller


A Passage From Apathy, Acting Out, Catharsis – Dr. Charles Pilavian


Dr. Aaron Hauss


Hundred Year of Survival: Healing Transforming Trauma – Ani Kalyjian, EdD


Speech on behalf of Assemblyman Mike Gatto – Elena